And It Feels Amazing

For those who don’t know, I used to be all over Instagram. I would probably spend a total of about 3 hours on Instagram daily- no joke. Between scrolling mindlessly through my feed to tapping through Instagram Stories, I can’t believe how much time I wasted doing nothing productive.


Because Aren’t Monthly TBR Piles Are A Little Overwhelming?

Okay, so I used to do TBR Lists for each month, but that got way too tiring and unrealistic for me. So I’m going to do kind of a seasonal feel. Here’s my fall reading list (for 2019).


I can’t get…

Perfect for the Fall Season

I like to start celebrating seasons early. Christmas movies come out November 1st. Halloween vibes come out September 1st. That’s how I do it. That way when the season’s over I don’t have to feel like, “Oh my god it’s over already?”

As far as I’m concerned- it’s fall now.

And fall to…

Gitana Eleni

Retro feels, modern touch.

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